Music for Strings

String Octet

The Minstrel’s Adieu to his Native Land, arranged from a harp solo by John Thomas for  4 vn, 2 vla, 2 vc, (2002) c. 8 mins.  For the Revolutionary Drawing Room

String Sextet

Odysseus in Ogygia for six violas d’amore (2011) c. 15 mins

String Quartet

String Quartet No. 1 Quiet Earth (2002) Commissioned by the Swaledale Festival for the Fitzwilliam String Quartet

String Quartet No. 2 The Enchanted Lyre (2004) Commissioned by Truro 3 Arts for the Dante Quartet

String Quartet No. 3 Wind Through a Symmetry (2015) Composed at the Banff Centre  in Canada for the Callino Quartet

Straw Bubbles II for string quartet and bubbles (2016) For the Callino Quartet

Moto Perpetuo for string quartet and boomwhackers (2006) For the Oxford Chamber Course summer 2006

Napoleon in Abergavenny (2002) c. 3 mins.  An affectionately irreverent arrangement of French and Welsh melodies for the Revolutionary Drawing Room

String Trio

Gulliver’s Ear for string trio – violin, viola, cello – (2003) c. 15 mins.  Inspired by observing an operation on the ear.  Published by Fountayne Editions

The Observation of Suspended Objects for string trio (2014) Commissioned by Music in the Village for the Florin Ensemble

String Duo

Bare Feet Stamping for viola and double bass (2007) c. 4 mins


Magical Thinking for solo cello (2015) c. 5 mins

Position Perfect!  A book of entertaining and helpful studies in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and half positions for the intermediate violinist or viola player. Published by Fountayne Editions